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Anders Ståhl Trading sells seven brands in the Nordic market, all of which are manufactured in Spain and are targeted exclusively to women. We provide both classic, traditional Spanish brands as well as more trendy ”fashion brands”.

Sixtyseven is a Spanish footwear brand with an international character. With its ultra chic attitude, the brand takes pride of place in trendy shoe stores everywhere. The style is consistently contemporary and in autumn 2015, we opened a concept store on Drottninggatan in Stockholm, primarily aimed at building the brand in Scandinavia.

Penelope is an exclusive, Spanish brand with pumps as its hallmark. Genuine leather and leather linings are standard features of Penelope’s collections and they have the highest possible quality. Penelope’s range is aimed at young women as well as more mature professional women.

KMB has an eye for trends and you can always rely on their collections conforming perfectly to the prevailing fashion. Just like AST’s other brands, KMB is based in Spain, which means superior quality and a perfect fit.

The Kanna espadrille factory is quite outstanding in terms of manufacturing rope soles that are both durable and comfortable. Moreover, the espadrille look is fashionable footwear that ”never goes out of style”. Without loosing sight of its origins, Kanna are masters at following trends and varying the espadrille fashion season after season.

Effortless delivers a scaled-back fashion that matches the Scandinavian style. Simplicity in combination with a wide range of colours makes it easy to match the shoes to most outfits. Choice of material, fit, comfort and details – everything is carefully tailored for each individual model. And of course – all the shoes are manufactured in Spain.

Bio shoes and sandals have recently become an established term for a type of footwear consisting almost solely of natural materials. The Spanish company Yokono is a pioneer in this genre and provides first-class shoes in a variety of models, with the common feature of being categorised as bio.

Some brands are stronger than others. Ria Menorca is one of them. A traditional brand that still manufactures all its shoes on the island of Menorca. The entire family business is built on a classic model that has become synonymous with the island and is currently trendier than ever. With a history dating back to 1947, this is a brand you can rely on, summer after summer.


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Anders Ståhl Trading

Born into a shoebox and active in the industry since the early 1980s. This is the most concise way of summarising Anders Ståhl’s background. Throughout the entire history of the company, our shoes have always had their origins in Spain. The only exceptions are the British brands Dr Martens, whose heyday in the early 90s is a landmark in the business, and Shelly, who at the end of the last century enjoyed huge success in Scandinavia. But today our range consists entirely of shoes manufactured in Spain. The biggest brands are Sixtyseven, Penelope and Effortless, which are supplemented by an additional quartet of high-quality brands. AST is passionate about footwear and aims to be Sweden’s/Scandinavia’s best supplier of shoes to independent stores as well as the largest footwear chains throughout the entire Nordic region.

Code of Conduct

Trade Partner Sweden (SAA) and its members shall always meet the standards and ethical guidelines set out in our Code of Conduct, which includes the EU’s Chemical Directive, as well as REACH, the United Nations convention on the rights of the child and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) convention on working conditions and workers’ rights. In short, it concerns ethical guidelines, health and safety, environmental aspects, employment policies and a range of other regulations. In the pdf below you can find the complete code of conduct that applies to Trade Partner Sweden and its members, including Anders Ståhl Trading.

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Member of Trade Partner Sweden

Trade Partner Sweden is a Swedish trade organisation for agents and importers that work with fashion, textiles, footwear and food products, as well as with electrical and industrial components. Anders Ståhl is a member of the board and Anders Ståhl Trading has been a member of the organisation since 1991.



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